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Mai 24, 2018

Wood Carvings & Wood Sculptures

Woodcarving as an expression of art in everyday life has developed in many different cultures. In Val Gardena Italy, a small valley in the Italian Dolomites, woodcarving encompasses a large variety of woodcarving topics. The origin of carving wood in Val Gardena Italy and the Italian Alps is thought to be the long winters when the poor Val Gardena Italian farmers carved wooden toys for their children and hand carved gifts for their loved ones. Predominately Catholic, the practice of hand carved gifts naturally inspired hand carved religious items. These included Jesus on a cross, the Virgin Mother, Nativity Mangers, and angel figurines. Meanwhile, hand carving wood led to many other areas of everyday life in Val Gardena Italy and the Italian Alps like Christmas ornaments, family coat of arms, animal figurines, musicians. When certain hand carved gifts became popular in Val Gardena Italy, the artist that carved wooden gifts in Val Gardena Italy began producing duplicates of their hand carved wooden gifts. A hand carved gift purchased at Ladina is a duplicate of an entirely hand carved sculpture. The carving process involves the initial creation of a rough shape of the sculpture by what is called a pantograph. The hand carved gift is then finished by hand carving. The final step is where the exclusive hand carved gift is hand painted or hand waxed. In the Ladina online gift shop, you will also discover entirely hand carved gift items. Purchasing a hand carved gift from Ladina means you will only not own a beautiful hand carved gift, but a piece of the long and storied Val Gardena Italy history and the beautiful land in Italy known as the Italian Alps.