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April 19, 2018

Mother and Child Statue Figurine

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Mother and Child
Statue Figurines!

Virgin Mary, the mother of Jesus Christ, has played a vital role in history of humanity. A mother and child figurine portrays the most important relationship between two people - a mother and child. Each mother and child figurine represents for the protective nature of a mother in relation to her precious child. Also, viewing a Mother and Child figurine guides one's own thoughts back to their childhood when they could share their sorrows with their beloved mother. Ladina has an extensive Mother and Child figurine collection but all of our hand carved figurines tell us that we are not alone with our sorrows and fears. Visit our online gif shop and have a look at all of our hand carved gifts from Italy, including of course our collectible Mother and Child figurines. We offer Mother and Child figurines as statues or as reliefs in many
sizes and styles.