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April 19, 2018
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Jesus on a Cross Wooden Crucifix

Jesus on a Cross is perhaps the most recognizable symbol in the history of mankind. Jesus on a Cross serves as a reminder to all Christians of the pain and suffering Jesus endured while sacrificing his life for humanity. To actually see Jesus on a Cross provides us with a constant reminder of what happened on that day that changed history and forever shaped our world. Jesus was an innocent man with the purest heart, and He decided to die for all of us on a cross. Jesus loved us then and Jesus continues to love us today. Seeing the Jesus on a Cross also gives Christians encouragement that Jesus is always with us, and there is life after death. Jesus rose again as He promised. Christians often have Jesus on a Cross in their homes or wear Jesus on a Cross on a necklace. Christians do this as a sign of their faith and a way to keep focused on Jesus. The Ladina online religious gift store has a wide variety of Jesus on a Cross crucifixes for you to choose from. Each Jesus on a Cross crucifix is carefully packed and shipped to anywhere in the world.