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Mai 24, 2018

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History of Wood Carving by Ladina.Com

Since centuries wood carving is part of our life. It all startet when our ancesters made toys for their children during the long winter time. Until now it has developed to this variety of arts and crafts we are proud to present you. Arts and crafts in form of wood carving and hand painting is in our family in the sixth generation. The company´s owner, Ruben, a wood sculptor, presents his special arts and crafts - entirely hand carved scupltures - on . Arts and crafts are a perfect gift for every opportunity. Enrich your ambience with arts crafts and enjoy every day arts and crafts whwn looking at it. If you go to our shop you will find our very special arts and crafts. Some time ago we decided to present our original hand paintings to you. What used to be a balance after work developed due to the demand to another branch of arts and crafts. View our gallery with original hand paintings in oil lacquer colors.